Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sighting in 2011

Young and old get a turn.

Time for a donut and a cup of coffee before the next group.

Spotting scopes are necessary.

Again, due to the shortage of help, it was decided to hold "sighting in days" on just one weekend,
instead of two. Over fifty rifles come out to use the range October 29 and 30. The weather was
nice and everything went well. Workers got grilled hamburgers.

Repeat Club members who were out to assist were: Bill Hammond, Jim Richards, Dick Klinzing,
Bob Spoke, Bernie Stahl, J.D. Stainbrook, Lathan Houghton, Ken Schlueter, Gene Dessellier, John Nicholas, Dave Youngman, Bob Maki and Phil Markus.

Photos by Dick K.