Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Archery Range

This past summer, the Club rebuilt the Archery Range with a shed to enclose the new
target bales. We will also be able to cover the front during the winter time period. There was a lot of use this fall. Although signs have been posted NOT to shoot
broadheads, there has been one or two individuals who cannot read or assume that the sign
does not apply to them. Broadheads will cut the bale, whereas target arrows will not. If you would like to bring a deer stand and use with the power pole and bring a target deer, that is
what the pole is for.
This was the Clubs 2011 big expense item. Members who worked on this project were:
Bill Hammond, Dave Youngman, John Nicholas, Ken Schlueter, Jim Richards, Bill
Williams and Gene Dessellier.

Photos by Dick K.