Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ice Survival

A day of enjoyment can quickly turn tragic. Know how to prevent accidents on ice.

1. Never assume the ice is safe.
2. Carefully observe ice conditions.
3. Get local information.
4. Have a safety plan in place; never icefish alone.
5. Follow ice-thickness guidelines:
a. 4 inches or less: Stay off!
b. 4 to 6 inches: Icefishing should be safe. However, carefully observe local conditions.
c. 6 to 10 inches: Snowmobiles and ATV travel is generally considered safe.
d. 10 to 16 inches: Although it is probably best avoided when possible, small cars and pickups can begin to hit the ice.
e. 16-plus inches: Generally safe to mid-size pickups.

Photo by Dick