Sunday, March 29, 2009


On Thursday, March 5, State Senator Yvonne Prettner Solon (DFL) Dist 7, introduced Senate File 1165, in yet another attempt to end private firearm transfers in Minnesota. No action has been taken other than referred to the Judiciary Committee. SF 1165 is the companion bill to House File 953. SF 1165, like HF 953, was designed to not only regulate the sale of firearms at gun shows, but to regulate the sale of firearms between all law-abiding persons, across Minnesota. Also contained in SF 1165, is a de facto registration system created by requiring the records of all transfers to be maintained by the state, which would be made available to all authorities, including for use in "civil" cases. SF 1165 would also remove the permit holder exemption from a background check and even increase the waiting period from five to seven days. SF 1165 is a direct attack on Minnesotains' Second Amendment rights and needs to be stopped.
Additional Senate Authors are: Senator Leo T. Foley (DFL) Dist 47; D. Scott Dibble (DFL) Dist 60; John P. Doll (DFL) Dist 40 and Ellen R. Anderson (DFL) Dist 66.